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Cadhub is a community hub for Code-CAD projects aiming to push the paradigm forward.

Code-CAD is the premier way to design parts, it fits into software-dev work-flow and is right level of abstraction having, parts defined as auditable scripts.

We have beta integrations with OpenSCAD and CadQuery. The best way to learn more is to:

What's the potential of code-cad?


Tech-drawing and CAD as communication medium

Have you ever started frantically reaching for a pen when trying to explain an idea?

Engineers love drawings and CAD extends that, though now communicating with machines is just as important as with colleagues. What better way to do that than with a deterministic, expressive and auditable script?


If it bleeds it's text, we can kill hack it

  • Build your own helper functions and abstractions
  • Trigger FEM or regenerate tool paths with a CI/CD process
  • Auto-generate a BOM
  • Integrate it into your PLM tools
  • 3d-diffs
Git Good

All of the benefits of version control

Team coordination doesn't get any better than git. Multiple people working on a complex assembly without treading on each other -- what else is there to say?

Rise of the developer

Leverage a growing industry

Software is taking over the world, and so are developers. In the U.S. developers are 1.4M strong and are predicted to increase their ranks by 22% over the next 10 years. As coders proliferate, so will the number of areas in which they operate, including CAD.