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Artifacts - STEP, png, BOM . . .

· One min read
Kurt Hutten

CI/CD pipelines usually have at most two types of artifacts. Primarily it will be the program, (an executable, web-app static files etc), and also often test reports. If the process is a bit more exotic it might have a couple other outputs. CodeCAD however, has a multitude of different types of artifacts that can be produced.

  • The 3d files is obviously the primary output.
  • Test reports would be the same too but with some subtleties.
  • Images/renders reproduced each merge would allow reports or webpages to stay up today with the latest model
  • Bill of materials (BOM)
  • GCODE or similar artifacts used for manufacture

The good news is much of this could be setup today with a pipeline. Similar to 3d diffs they are why we're excited to build a github integration with CadHub so that we can make producing these artifacts easy. One simple example beyond 3d-files is the renders. Putting nice renders of your project in your readme that automatically stay up-to-date brings a level of professionalism. Two good examples of projects that already do this are: