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Why I started CadHub

Kurt Hutten

Kurt Hutten

CadHub Core Team

Like many, OpenSCAD was my portal into the world of Code-CAD. Once I started making parts with deterministic scripts there was no going back. That doesn't mean that I wasn't frustrated by certain things, a big one for me was how difficult fillets and chamfers can be with OpenSCAD so much to the point that created a library to help with this and I even contemplated creating my own Code-CAD tool/language, in particular I was interested in introducing sketch mechanics.

Ultimately it was seeing how many different projects there were for this style of CAD and yet there was no central home for them all that I decided that the best way to contribute to the community was to make a hub for our projects.

The road map#

Because the focus is one Code-CAD, we can introduce some awesome features that leverage the best the paradigm has to offer, like github integration or embed-able Customizers. Check out the road-map if you interested in what we have planned.