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External resoure URLs

CadHub allows you to generate a URL that links to a script hosted on an external URL. The typical usecase for this as a CodeCad script hosted on github, this way the repo can continue to update and the link will stay up-to-date. Any URL that returns the script as plain text will work.

Here's how to use it using github as an example. Find the file you want on Github, in this case ToastedIce's space donut.

Copy the URL.

Open the IDE for the Cad package to match your script, in this case OpenSCAD.

Click the share button in the top right, then select the "external srcipt" tab.

Paste in the Github URL.

From there you can copy the generated URL, or "copy and Render" to check the script is working as intended.

Here's the URL from this example.