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OpenSCAD Fonts

Fonts that are available for use within the CadHub OpenSCAD IDE listed at the bottom of this page.

Using fonts#

The way to use the fonts with text() is to ether use font="<fontName>" or font="<fontName>:style=<styleName>"

An example of both would be:

sampleText="the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog";text(sampleText, font = "DejaVu Sans", size=6);translate([0,-10,0])  text(sampleText, font = "DejaVu Sans:style=bold", size=6);

Use with the customizer#

If you would like to offer font selection to users with the customizer, the best way is to add a curated list using a select.

For example:

// font selectionfont = "DejaVu Serif"; // ["DejaVu Serif", "URW Gothic L", "URW Bookman"]

Relevant Links#


font: C059styles: Bold, Bold Italic, Italic, Roman
font: Century Schoolbook Lstyles: Bold Italic, Bold, Italic, Roman
font: D050000Lstyles: Regular
font: DejaVu Sansstyles: Bold, Book
font: DejaVu Sans Monostyles: Bold, Book
font: DejaVu Serifstyles: Book, Bold
font: Dingbatsstyles: Regular
font: Droid Sans Fallbackstyles: Regular
font: Nimbus Mono Lstyles: Bold Oblique, Bold, Regular Oblique, Regular
font: Nimbus Mono PSstyles: Bold, Bold Italic, Regular, Italic
font: Nimbus Romanstyles: Italic, Bold, Regular, Bold Italic
font: Nimbus Roman No9 Lstyles: Regular, Regular Italic, Medium, Medium Italic
font: Nimbus Sansstyles: Italic, Bold, Bold Italic, Regular
font: Nimbus Sans Lstyles: Regular, Bold, Bold Italic, Regular Italic, Bold Condensed, Regular Condensed, Bold Condensed Italic, Regular Condensed Italic
font: Nimbus Sans Narrowstyles: Regular, Oblique, Bold, Bold Oblique
font: Noto Monostyles: Regular
font: P052styles: Bold, Roman, Italic, Bold Italic
font: Standard Symbols Lstyles: Regular
font: Standard Symbols PSstyles: Regular
font: URW Bookmanstyles: Light, Demi Italic, Demi, Light Italic
font: URW Bookman Lstyles: Demi Bold, Light Italic, Light, Demi Bold Italic
font: URW Chancery Lstyles: Medium Italic
font: URW Gothicstyles: Demi Oblique, Demi, Book Oblique, Book
font: URW Gothic Lstyles: Demi Oblique, Book Oblique, Demi, Book
font: URW Palladio Lstyles: Bold Italic, Roman, Bold, Italic
font: Z003styles: Medium Italic